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Because it's Oscar weekend, a quick reminder of why I hate the Leonardo DiCaprio meme:


  1. Because while everyone is worrying so much about Leo with his four nominations and no wins, no one’s starting a meme for Amy Adams with her FIVE nominations and no wins.
  2. Because Leo’s four nominations equal a significant fraction of the fourteen times black…

I will admit I was one of the ones that was like, “Aww, poor Leo.”  I didn’t think about it until I was talking with a friend this weekend, but DiCaprio plays all of the same roles.  Howard Hughes and Jordan Belfort are nearly the same character (so is Gatsby…huh).  DiCaprio just has a penchant for playing a rich asshole, so when he didn’t win last night I actually felt kind of relieved because I felt so guilty about joining on the “Give an Oscar to Leo” bandwagon.  But I’m amazed to see that Amy Adams has had the same number of nominations (although, to be fair, this past was her first for non-supporting nomination, unlike DiCaprio’s single supporting nom).  I also didn’t know that Best Actress tends to be a race-biased category.  My eyes are opened and I’m ashamed.

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For the past week I have consistently thought about fanfiction.  I have been so overwhelmed by the feeling that I just KNEW when I got home I would be up until 4 a.m. reading old fics.

I didn’t read anything during the snow days.

I didn’t read anything over the weekend.

I feel like a bad Dramione reader.

(Not to mention I’m getting my Dramione confused with my Snanger stories, and now I want to read both.)

I finally got back onto the DramioneAsks tumblr last Wednesday and started reading posts and kind of throwing my two-cents in.  But while I was thinking about reading, I actually realized that there are a lot of fics that I know the plot line to, but if you asked me the name of the story I’d be like, “Uh…Dur…”  So now I feel more like I need to ask than to answer.  It also makes me even more compelled to read.

I’m consistently amazed about how never bored I could be of reading the DramioneAsks page.  I particularly love unresolved fic searches. (Even as I find them particularly frustrating because then I want to read them and I can’t b/c no one has found them!)  I wish I could get paid to just read Dramione and research those unresolved fic requests.  I could read the DramioneAsks site for DAYS except that it keeps me from reading the actual fanfiction.

I wish I could create a Snanger page just like it.  I go back into my favorites and I see that actually most of the stories I’ve posted there are Snanger fics.  While there are a large number of Dramione stories that I can recall (mostly because I read a lot of Dramione in my free time last year, and particularly over the summer) there are a HUGE number of Snanger fics that I know of off the top of my head.  Also, the Snanger fan-base is not as large as the Dramione one.  There’s a lot less fics to have to recall.

Anyway…I’m off to read a little now (particularly Their Room by aleximoon (which I came across looking for an answer to an unresolved fic request that I’d forgotten) which I skimmed the first 5 chapters of and it actually looks pretty IC.)

So please wish me luck on my journey and the willpower and determination to figure out how to do all of this!

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→ [requested by Anonymous]

“Look, Granger. We’re not friends, just because we went to go see a movie…or five…”

He expected her to get snarky, angry even, enough to remember her as she was. That bossy, bushy haired, know-it-all during their Hogwarts years. And maybe the universe would make sense again.

“I’m surprised that you actually counted Malfoy,” she smiles teasingly and he is caught off-guard. “So I guess you wouldn’t want to watch another then?”

He snatches the ticket before she puts it in her purse.

Bloody tease, she knows I wanted to see that movie for a long time now. Draco thought, glaring at Grangers retreating figure. He turns sharply and walks to his next class at that thought.

Studying at a Muggle university, learning about their culture, he never thought he would actually come to remotely liking it. And now, he was having movie and book disscussions with Hermione Granger! His younger self must be tying a noose for him right now.  

This is a scene straight from Gossip Girl, with Draco as Blair and Hermione as Dan.  I understand now.

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Looking Backward…And Forward

Howdy do!  After one weird, random post about my eyes, I deserted my tumblr for almost two weeks with nothing!

A wise person once said:

So here’s the money:

Today I want to really give a shout out to my brain.  I used to be super-proud of how smart I was.  I was smart enough to “skip a grade” (-cough-startschoolearly-cough-) when I was in elementary school.  Then, when I switched from private school to public school I was definitely the smartest girl in my class.  I started to doubt myself in high school when I moved to be bigger, richer school with more people who had done more things (being military brats and all) than I had, globally.  At community college I was Top Dog again, but when I transferred to UNC all hope was lost.

I started to rely on other things I liked about myself to keep my confidence up. (I’ll be sure to talk about those later.) But it didn’t help that I wasn’t “intelligent” because I didn’t read the assignment.  In order to keep the other facades up I had to give up what I came in feeling like was most important.

Today, I want to acknowledge how intelligent I still am.  I’m not saying this to brag.  I’m saying this to be real.  I may not be Einstein, but I am smart.  I’m observant, and good at making connections when it’s important to me.  

I called this post looking forward because I want to feel intelligent again.  I want to embrace my intelligence and turn it around and shine it to the world.  There is a good middle-ground between being modest and being a know-it-all and I’m going to find it, because I am healthy, and wealthy, and wise.

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